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Current Economic Trends in Emerging and Developing Countries


The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, West University of Timisoara, and the East-European Center for Research in Economics and Business (ECREB) are pleased to invite you to attend the fourth edition of the International Conference Current Economic Trends in Emerging and Developing Countries (TIMTED-2019). The conference will take place on June 6-8, 2019 in Timișoara (Romania) and aims to bring together academics, teachers, researchers, PhD students, as well as professionals from all over the world.

At its fifth edition, TIMTED-2019 is organized in the beautiful city of Timisoara, Romania, a place which carries within the imprint of history and multiculturalism. Timisoara is the city of technical, economic and cultural premieres: the first European city with street lighting, among the first European cities that benefited from public transport, the first brewery in Romania. Given its historical, economic and cultural role, Timisoara was chosen the European Cultural Capital of 2021.

All these features make Timisoara a pleasant environment for scientific events, facilitating interaction between participants.

The conference aims to provide participants with a high quality scientific context and to facilitate debates and exchange of ideas and opinions on contemporary social problems: globalization, the capricious and dynamic organizational environment, development of digital technologies etc. The conference encourages interdisciplinary research based on economic and business science, related to other fields such as sociology, political science, psychology, anthropology, digital technologies etc.

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